Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Press - Good Start for Astral Doors New Album

Astral Doors signed new album Jerusalem, on CD or LP, the Bifrost Records in Falun on Saturday. FOTO: JONAS STENTÄPP
This article originally appeared in the Dala-Demokraten Newspaper, from Astral Doors' home stomping ground Published: 2011-10-31 05:50

Good start for Astral Doors new album.

Astral Doors from Borlange released their new album "Jerusalem" just over a week ago. It went directly to number 2 on Ginza's hard rock list, and it was named record of the month by the jury in Sweden Rock Magazine. 

- It feels like it works even in Sweden now. Perseverance wins, says singer Patrik Johansson.

Astral Doors were scheduled to sign their new album when Bifrost Records in Falun celebrated its first anniversary on Saturday. The Borlänge band has been around since 2002 and have been diligent with their record production. Newly released "Jerusalem" is their sixth album, and they describe it as the best so far.- If you like hard rock, so you like it here. Otherwise you do not like hard rock, says vocalist Patrik Johansson modestly.

What makes the new album stand out compared to previous albums?

 - The whole. The songs and sound. Songwriting went very quickly this time, and there was a stronger thread. And the disc is mixed by Daniel Bergstrand (recognized metal producer who, among other things, worked with In Flames), and there was a boost for the sound.Religion"Jerusalem" is an album name that came early in the process. The band was sure they wanted the theme of religion on the disc. 

- Religion is often the root of all evil, so it can "scoop" a lot of crap out. But it is also in part a political album, says Patrik. I see that Astral Doors is second on Ginza's heavy metal list. The only people who are ahead are Metallica/Lou Reed. Another major success is the high score in Sweden Rock Magazine, where the disc came in first place in the new discs that "the jury" reviewed. 
- It's important for bands like us to be seen and get good reviews in magazines like that.

Astral Doors has steadily gained fans in Europe, and according to them, it really took off after gigs at Germany's two biggest heavy metal festivas - Wacken Open Air and Bang Your Head. 

This working band's record label Metal Ville is promoting the album in Europe, and in a few months it will be released on King Records in Japan and in February, the USA. Awaiting Astral Doors is a month-long tour of Europe with Riotgod, consisting of members of Monster Magnet.

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