Thursday, December 1, 2011

Astral Doors Announce Tour - A Super Fan's Perspective.

The other day, Astral Doors announced they were going on tour. They are touring their new album, Jerusalem on Metalville Records. Openers are labelmates Riotgod. I am really grateful for this opportunity to see them on tour. Festival shows are great for people and music variety, but rarely satisfy on the level of a complete set because performances are shorter. Since I saw the show for the release of Testament of Rock last year, I know what they do when doing a whole show. Astral Doors produce a tight dynamic and really have a great time doing the music they do. Let's say, they put a human face on metal and rockbands. The usual amount of beer consumption and goings on are always part of most touring bands, but the passion Astral Doors have for their fans is great. Nils Patrik Johansson maintains two pages plus his personal, and Myspace pages. All the other guys have profiles. So if you have a question about the music or something, an answer is not too far away.

I am blessed to have the resources to travel Europe and follow the band on tour. By helping spread the word about this great band and their awesome music, the goal is noble because you are making people aware about a great cause of creativity and legacy. Long after we all are gone, Astral Doors' music must live on. I believe in this music and in the force of one Nils Patrik Johansson. So far dates announced are as follows:
  • 24.02.2012 Siegburg Kubana
  • 25.02.2012 Frankfurt Musikkeller
  • 26.02.2012 Karlsruhe Stadtmitte
  • 27.02.2012 Ingolstadt Eventhalle Westpark
  • 28.02.2012 Vienna Viper Room
  • 04.03.2012 Geiselwind Strohofer Eventcenter
  • 07.03.2012 Hamburg Logo
  • 08.03.2012 Berlin K17
You'll notice there are 3 days off between the 28th of Feb. and the 4th of March, and then 2 days again from the 4th to the 7th. Astral Doors postponed their fall tour when only 3 dates were cancelled. Here we have a total of five off and the tour hasn't even begun, so obviously we'll be hearing about other dates as time goes on. There is an event set up on Facebook about the tour, so updates to tour dates will be posted there as well as on the Astral Doors Fan Page, If any one wants to hook up on the tour for a chat or share their passion for Astral Doors, just look up Astral Friar on Facebook and we'll hook up.

My goal on this trip is to meet as many hardcore fans as possible on this voyage and document your thoughts through interviews for this blog. So watch this blog for daily updates during the tour will all the juicy bits of roadlife!