Monday, January 30, 2012

Desert Forces of Rock - Interim Ticketing Report.

Feb. 24-March 8th 2012.
Hello all once again. I am now back on-line and blogging about the upcoming Astral Doors Desert Forces of Rock tour with Riotgod. Here are some thoughts about the tour so far.

The band is carrying on this tour after the above under the moniker, the Astral Doors Jerusalem Tour. See these other dates here. This is because the record company stops sponsoring the tour as of March 8th, and the band carries on by themselves to former eastern block countries etc. I made reservations for the Metalville sponsored tour only because:
  1. Two weeks was long enough.
  2. I am studying German, and this tour to all Germanic countries fills the practicum bill.
I am surprised at the variety of rules that clubs and countries have. Some tickets are printable at home or holdable at "will call." This is good as mailing costs can be prohibitive, or at the very least, untimely, considering I am ticketing this tour in Canada for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Whilst writing Nils Patrik Johansson, the singer of Astral Doors, he has offered to put me on the guest list for ALL nights of the tour. This offer is very much appreciated, but in any case, not really necessary. I accept for those dates that I cannot obtain tickets for. But one's heart must be in the right place.

To that end, I attempted to ticket in advance as much as possible to:
  1. Guarantee my spot.
  2. See that Astral Doors and the tour make their money from gate entry. This is a business and beside the fact they love doing the music, these funds make it possible for them to tour their albums. There is no nobler goal than seeing the artist makes their cut.
There are three days off on this tour so far. Feb. 29th (Yes it is a leap year). Mar.1 is a TBC date. No event is listed for March 5th to date, either.

So to the date of this blog, January 30th, 2012, the following are the results of ticketing the tour.

Ticketing report to Jan. 30 for Astral Doors Desert Forces of Rock European Tour.

Ticket Criteria: Printable at home or held at door.

Feb. 24th - Kubana, Siegburg - Ticket Direct - Printed.
Feb. 25th - Frankfurt. Forget it. Payment too complicated.
Feb. 26th - Karlsruhe. Did not match criteria from 3 ticket providers.
Feb. 27th - Ingolstadt. Success. Ticket Direct. Printed
Feb. 28th - Vienna. Success. Oeticket.
Mar. 2nd - Winterthur. Success. Printed.
Mar. 3rd - Salzburg. Concert not listed on website period.
Mar. 4th - Geiselwind. No tickets on Eventim even though this is official ticket supplier. Made reservation with hotel staff which combines concert+overnight B&B.
Mar. 6th - Dresden. Club relaunching website. No event info or local ticket info.
Mar. 7th - Hamburg. - Success. Eventim. Printed.
Mar. 8th - Berlin. Available on Eventim. No print or hold option for this one. K-17 sells advance direct but you have to supply bank info and they don't accept CC's. Unsuccessful.
The Eurail Pass is done but I have to make train reservations still unless someone thinks they are unnecessary. Please advise. The next task is to book hotels which begins tomorrow:) Rock On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1